Thursday, October 8, 2009

StyleCard: TESLA Vixen Desire

Six inches is something to celebrate, especially when they belong to the new Vixen Desire stilettos from Tesla. Creating a shoe with this kinda height requires some special attention, and Tesla found a way to go higher than the typical SL foot allows, by adding a fancy schmancy script to the shoes. As long as you put your shoes on in an area that allows scripts to run, the raised foot effect will remain engaged no matter where you go. These shoes are available in eleven deliciously shiny patent colors, or fatpack these babies to maximize that sexy, sexy height! Tesla also threw in a great crossed leg sit pose so you can show off those fantastic legs.

Grab hold of your desire, and visit Tesla for these sexy shoes.

The Stuff; Belleza Jesse Skin, Maitreya Hair, Fishy Strawberry Sweater Dress, Battered Boudoir Hosiery, U&R Dogs Necklace, Love Soul Prim Nails.

(click on image to expand) Footwear provided as review copy/gift from Designer.


Tesla Miles said...

Oh hey Anessa, it's me Tesla! thanks for the review! I love the pics!

I just want to add that ideally the toes on the skin should be painted the same proportion as in real life. The toes will look strange if the skin you're wearing has the toes go half-way up the foot!

They will look good with most skins if the creator has not over elongated the toes to freak proportions, but if in doubt, try the demo first with your skin before buying, unfortunately there won't be any refunds since they are non-transfer :(

Anessa YOU ROCK!

(check is in the post)

Tesla Miles said...

Oh and yeah, the top of the toes will be exposed because they are toe cleavage pumps.

Anessa Stine said...

toe cleavage = sexy!

Thanks for the info Tes, YOU ROCK!