Friday, April 30, 2010

Another Kick.

Still cruising through those beautiful Allure shoes, and this time it is free of the socks and tights, stepping into the naked foot version of these great shoes. The foot in the Maitreya Gold shoes remains one of the most realistic available, with subtle shading and skin texturing beyond compare, they also boast one of the most user friendly HUDs for customizing.

I am not sure why some designers have not yet adopted a similar system to the Maitreya Gold, but it should be said that it is a feature that I would like to see included on more 'high end' brands, regardless of price, if your customer's opinions matter, I would wager many of them would prefer the simplicity of a colorful graphic system. SL is at its core a visual platform.

That said, the sandals are an easy style to dress up or down, this time I went for a more classy dressed up feeling with one of the newest clothing items from Maitreya, the Bubble Skirt Dress, and the gorgeous new Siri hair.

Visit Maitreya again soon.

The Stuff;

Maitreya Gold, Allure - Red.

Skin: LeLutka, IFE, Light Makeup 1D (hairbase).

Maitreya, Siri, Chocolate.

Maitreya, Bubble Skirt Dress, Grey.

Accessories: Mandala, Monica Earrings, Red. & MEB, Silver Bracelet. & Calla, Pearl Wrap Bracelet, Blood.

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