Saturday, August 14, 2010

Shoe Fair 2010: Kookie

More creative Shoe Fair finds from Kookie, whose shoes are unique and offer a wide variety of styles and shapes. I love the details on the Enya Power Boots, with their futuristic shape and buckle closures.

The Armarda Boots from Kookie have an earthy rustic thing going on, with or without the wool topper option the delicate laces and eyelets are a great touch. I loved the rich chocolate shade, if you can't eat it might as well wear it. Kookie Lemon makes some yummy stuff!

The Bonnie lace-up ankle boots have a surprising open toe design, and a lot of personality. The shape is easy to love, and the funky updated style is easy to wear with casual pants or dresses. Be sure and visit Kookie at the Shoe Fair 2010 to see some great styles.

Visit Kookie at Shoe Fair, HERE.

The Stuff;

Episode 12:

Shoes: Kookie, Enya Power Boots, Black Wash.

Skin: Redgrave, Paper Skin - Trinity, GlitterSmoky (HB).

Hair: [69], Aggy, Noir.

Outfit: LeLutka, Neaux Bodysuit, Black. & LeLutka, Merari Skirt, Black.

Accessories: Redgrave, Driving Gloves, Long Fingered - Black. (Gun is Xstreet Freebie.)

Episode 13:

Shoes: Kookie, Armarda Boots, Dark Chocolate (Boot Warmer Version).

Skin: Regrave, Paper Skin - Trinity, GreenFairy (HB).

Hair: LeLutka, DejaVu Too, IronHotCake.

Outfit: LeLutka, Adelaide Jacket, Spring. & LeLutka, Chalize Pants, Brown.

Accessories: B@R (BareRose), Gloves from Sun Goddess Outfit.

Episode 14:

Shoes: Kookie, Bonnie, Night.

Skin: Redgrave, Paper Skin - Trinity, Spider (HB).

Hair: LeLutka, Ninotchka, IronHotCake.

Outfit: LeLutka, Kezia Shirt, Metal. & LeLutka, Mamre Pants, Metal.

Accessories: Maitreya, ArmWarmers, Grey.

All poses by Exposeur.

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