Sunday, October 4, 2009

SkyHigh Strap-ups from Stiletto Moody

It's been a while since I tried any semi-artistic photography for the blog, so I felt it was high time... or 'skyhigh' time... to have a bit of fun. As a previous owner of the Stiletto Moody SkyHigh Boots, I was intrigued when word reached me that a new release, or at least a new accessory release, for this great boot was available. The brand new Strap-ups upgrade adds even more wow factor to these already incredibly tall boots, wrapping the entire foot and leg with leather straps in complimentary and contrasting shades.

The Strap-ups feature is incorporated into the existing boot drop-down menu, once rezzing the upgrade package you simply wear your SkyHigh Boots and initiate the accessory, very simple. You do need to own the boots, or purchase the boots and the upgrade at the same time. The boots and straps do come in an assortment of 6 shades, the straps come in 2 slightly different variations, straps with trim and without, you get all 12. You can still choose not to wear the straps even after you incorporate the upgrade. Metal change options; Gold, Silver and Graphite still apply to the overall boot. To see the full color range of the boots and the straps I suggest you visit the Stiletto Moody store.

The mini-dresses called 'Hotter than Britney' worn in the post were found at Style by Simone (Stern). They seemed like the perfect match for these undeniably sexy boots. The dress is available in the Midnight or the Red versions shown here, and can be found at Style Starts Here.

Other Stuff; Exile Hair, Redgrave Leona Skin, Paper Couture Spike Earrings. (click on images to expand.)


sailor-eternity said...

Are the boots mod? Or do they have some resize option?
I mean, will they only fit the av with long and skinny legs, so if you wanna stay shortie with at least some meat on your bones, these boots won't fit?

Anessa Stine said...

The boots come in more than one size, it let's you pick a size or all sizes when you rezz them, and you can size individual parts for a very specific fit... just consider that they do tend to add bulk to the leg so the larger the size you go the wider the leg will look. That may not be to everyone's taste. A very thin model fit shape is also included with the boots. ~AS