Monday, July 12, 2010

Button Down in Baiastice

I love detail, the smaller the better... like the dozens of cute buttons adorning the wedge heels of the Camilla Shoes from Baiastice. Like candy, only better, the buttons are a rainbow of colors, textures and styles, and they really make this otherwise simple shoe a standout. I also checked out the cute faced Mynerva skins and D!va hair that has been getting some attention this past weekend, very cute, not something I could make a permanent swap for, but sweet is great once in a while.

They come in a variety of base shades, I decided to wear the acid green because it matched perfectly with the Mimi Top from Bare Rose. If you have yet to discover some of the treasure to be found there, it is worth the trip, I am a big fan of pulling apart the outfits - sometimes modifying the prims - and making them into something you just won't find anywhere else.

Visit Baiastice to see more colors of the Camilla Shoes, and shop!

The stuff;

Shoes: Baiastice, Camilla Shoes, Acid Green.

Skin: Mynerva, Plain Jane - Dolly Dots, Fudge (Cleavage).

Hair: D!va, Nanako, Black Amber.

Outfit: Bare Rose, Mimi (Top from Outfit), Green. & bijou, Snake Leggings (Part of Op Outfit).

Accessories: Bracelets from Bare Rose Mimi Outfit.

(click images to expand.)

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