Saturday, July 4, 2009

Serving Up a Sneak Peek!

I know you missed me... and I missed you too, but if you follow shoe news then you might have expected a little something like this! Stiletto Moody is on the cusp of her Summer '09 release, and this time she is serving up more than ever before. This release is highly anticipated with several peeks already leaked to various media. But Stiletto assures me that I am the first lucky girl to get her very own pair of the brand new Stiletto Moody BARE © Lauren, the gorgeous ribbon wrapped ankle stiletto pumps were the ones that caught my eye, and they certainly do not disappoint... and these are only one of seven, count them, seven, new Stiletto Moody BARE © Shoes and a pair of Thigh High Boots 'to die for' slated for release tonight!

Loaded with delicious texture and the usual features, the Lauren Patent ColorSet comes in 10 great shades; Black, Midnight, Red, White, Coral, Turquoise, Nude, Purple, and very special contrast colors Pink&Grey or Black&White. Now here is where the fun starts... if customizing is your thing, a very adorable Cyan Card Table emerged from my inventory and on it was perched a lovely card and envelope from Stiletto, a very special add-on for my sweet little Laurens was the Stiletto Moody Lauren - BAREfoot1 Upgrade set, it contained fun and funky foot tattoos and charm anklets, other upgrade sets include toe rings and bonus nail polish options, very cute!

So now that I have aroused your appetite for shoes, please be sure and join the Stiletto Moody Group right now! Later tonight a 40% off sale for members only will begin. For the first time ever - BARE Ingrid, BARE Audrey, BARE Greta & BARE Vivienne will be on sale and the Summer '09 Belle de Jour collection will be out at regular price! Join the group and watch the notices... NOW!

Expect to see more of the new release here very soon!

The Stuff;

Shoes - Stiletto Moody BARE © Lauren, Coral (worn)

Skin - Gala Phoenix, JUNE Sundust (Frex)

Hair - Curio, Betty Boop - Brown

Dress - Donna Flora, Teacup Dress (w/ sugar cube bracelet & necklace, hat)

Lingerie - Cherry Girl Freebie (No Longer Available for Free)

Accessories - Donna Flora, Daniel Coral Earrings

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