Monday, July 6, 2009

What All the Fuss Is About...

So the 'Lag Gods' and luck have been on my side a little bit today, and I was able to make my way over to the Stiletto Moody 2 sim (no easy task!) to see all the excitement. Some of the other fortunate few able to get to the store complained of slow rez rates and were curious about all the shoes included in the release, so I played camera spy for a few minutes between crashes and managed to get away with these Polaroids.

Please note these are just unedited snaps taken with low settings and no special lighting, so my apologies to Stiletto Moody & Crew if they aren't the best representations. Enjoy the peek, and be a little patient, join the Stiletto Moody Group so that you can access the new releases, and wear your tag to take advantage of the discounts offered on previous releases.

Happy Shopping!

Stiletto Moody 2 Sim


Marly Vaughan said...

how much do the shoes cost? 5k? LOL Moody is very pretty, but the prices are insane.

Anessa Stine said...

For a single color you are looking around the 2k mark. ColorSets are close to 10k - the price is always something people like to talk about with shoes like these, and I admit I am a lucky girl who has rarely had to buy them - having said that, in the case of the Lauren ones, and possible one or 2 other styles, I have no problem whatsoever paying full price for these, if I love them and I feel they are worth it. I compare it to people spending 4k on a SL Car, guys do it all the time.. do we go crazy saying - OMG 4k for a pretend car??? It isnt a real car, but if you appreciate the craftsmanship and you love it does price matter? - and further, will you drive that SL car every time you log in? I plan to wear these shoes almost every day... so for me even 'insane' prices become much more sane.


Marly Vaughan said...

i don't know if you sold me on craftsmanship. i've ONLY bought the demo and wasn't impressed by the shop. I had to join the group just to enter the store property, and then the demo's were delivered like an hour later because their server was so slow?

that much work for a pair shoes, aint my thing. call me a grumpy ol' cunt... but a pair of prim fuck-me-pumps for 2k with customer service like that....?


they are pretty... they just aren't worth the hassle.