Saturday, July 11, 2009

StyleCard: LeLutka St.Tropez & Teese

Another collection released over at LeLutka, in case you managed to escape the news. Teaser images have flooded the feeds for a few days now and with the release yesterday even more... but what I always look for, naturally, is the footwear. This time around 2 Styles, one each from Minnu Palen and Thora Charron.

The St. Tropez Shoes are certainly summer vacation friendly with perfectly painted toes and a sweet heel strap, great colors and combinations. A HUD system is delivered by touching your shoes and it includes skin presets and custom shade selection.

The Teese Shoes come in 2 different fabrications, some of the shoes have a black chunk soul , while others are more suited to strolling on the boardwalk with their pale wooden platforms. These have a funky fashionable feel, but a lovely smooth texture that is really appealing.

All told there are tons of color choices here and plenty of exciting mix and match with the garments of the new collection. Pretty short dresses, pantsuits and sexy little bikinis. An amazing collection to be sure, and I recommend you visit LeLutka for some shoe demos and to shop the latest releases. Be warned, it is very hard not to buy it all!

The Stuff;

Look 1

Shoes - LeLutka Mode - St. Tropez Shoes, Tan

Skin - LeLutka Beaute, LeLutka London

Hair -LeLutka Beaute, HANNAH - Beach Blonde

Dress - LeLutka Mode - NADIA Dress, dimtan

Accessories - LeLutka Mode - Nicolette Earrings and Necklace

Look 2

Shoes - LeLutka Mode - St. Tropez Shoes, Pink

Skin - LeLutka Beaute, LeLutka London Revolution

Hair -LeLutka Beaute, PETRA Black

Dress - LeLutka Mode - SADAH Dress, medium orchid

Accessories - LeLutka Mode - CLAIRE Cluster Earrings, Fuschia Red

Look 3

Shoes - LeLutka Mode - Teese, Royal Blue

Skin - LeLutka Beaute, LeLutka Moscow Light

Hair -LeLutka Beaute, ANNA - Copper Red

Outfit - LeLutka Mode - MONROE Pants, Steelblue & MIA Bikini Top, Orange

Accessories - LeLutka Mode - KELLI Pendant

Look 4

Shoes - LeLutka Mode - Teese, Black

Skin - LeLutka Beaute, LeLutka London Revolution

Hair -LeLutka Beaute, SAMARAH, Chestnut

Dress - LeLutka Mode - QI Dress, Turqouise

Accessories - LeLutka Mode - GRACE Earrings and Necklace

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