Monday, August 31, 2009

StyleCard: Nardcotix

Red shoes are my weakness. Sexy, high heeled, strappy, satiny and embellished - who can deny the appeal of a great looking shoe in a color that yells 'look at me'? Nardya Rousselot is clearly a woman after my own heart, she recently sent me a collection of her brand new footwear in a yummy shade of crimson. The Nardcotix name is known for great couture style evening wear and funky fashions, the shoe collection compliments it perfectly. The outfit NX Rose -Crimson- is a Starlight Exclusive created by Nardya for this very special boutique, you can only find it here.

More blogging soon, thanks for hanging in there with me :)

Shoes available at Nardcotix. Outfit available at Starlight Exclusives.


Shattered said...

Unfortunately Nardcotix looks like it's under remodel - public access is off and the inside of the store is builder's grid. :(

Anessa Stine said...

I'll look into it for you, perhaps these are available at one of the satellite locations. Sorry 'bout that.