Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Anessa on ANEXX

AOHARU Walk/Luxury Line has been reborn as ANEXX Luxury Footwear. Machang Pichot whose styles have been very well received, has seen her shoe line grow in leaps and bounds, the latest step is into a whole new brand name. When ANEXX launches later this week it will boast 5 unique new styles; pumps, peep toes, embellished and knee high gladiator heels and a sexy back zip boot. The details range from opulent to sweet, with fringe (that moves!) and bows, gems and 'A' charms, and textures that have the look of satin or softened leather.

For my sneak peak at the ANEXX collection I decided to try and not completely blow my bank account on new outfits and instead try some mix and match with my favorite Bijou looks, new and old. I hope you enjoy this little preview of the new styles, and pay Machang a visit when ANEXX opens it's doors.

The Stuff;
All Footwear by ANEXX (opening soon!), All Skins by Rockberry, All Clothing (& mixed outfits) from Bijou.

Additional Items; Ribbon Belt Pumps (Green Card) - Bishwear Hair, Zaara Earrings, LoveSoul Prim Nails. Fringe Pumps (Purple Card) - Mikan Hair (tinted), Paper Couture Accessories. Bijou Gladiators (Orange Card) - FOAM Hair, Zaara Earrings and Bracelets, Kitties Lair Belt. Leather Gladiators (Blue Card) - VintageWear Hair, Donna Flora Necklace, Fresh Baked Goods Gem Bangle, ICON Bangle. Zip Up Boots (Red Card) - DejaVu Hair, Armidi Accessories.

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