Thursday, August 13, 2009

StyleCard: Pick Your Poison

I love a good collaboration! So much negativity around lately with creators hurling accusations and dmca allegations at one another, it is nice to find a pair that have combined their creative talents to produce something truly special. Squinternet Larnia, Donna Flora, has garnered some great attention lately for her spectacular dresses and collectible jewelry, at least I seem to be collecting a ton of it. She wanted to take her jeweled creations and make them into footwear fabulousness, and it seems she found the perfect partner to embark on this project with.

Erpla Prieto, Periquita Shoes, has been making her wonderful and quirky sculpted shoe-ness for a while now. It seems to me that this was a match made in fashion heaven, and the four styles created by this pair do not disappoint. The Bella Donna Poison shoes are jewelry for the feet, with amazing detail and elegant style.

These foot-in-shoe dazzlers come with a HUD that naturally allows you to custom match your skin tone and select toenail polish color. Though using the custom color selector for your skin tone is simple enough to figure out, matching your tone can be a bit tricky and might take a few minutes using a color palate window and light/dark slider bar, but you can lock in your matches with a save feature that is very handy. The Bella Donna Poison #4 style comes with the added bonus of color change panels on the toe to match your Donna Flora (or any) wardrobe perfectly.

Be sure and look for these at the at Donna Flora, Periquita and the Bella Donna store.

The Stuff;

All Clothing & Accessories -
Donna Flora

Shoes - Bella Donna Poison #1 - #4 at Donna Flora, Periquita and Bella Donna.

Skin - Rockberry, Uma (Natural)

Hair - TRUTH

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