Friday, November 20, 2009

StyleCard: Enkythings Heels on Wheels

Sometimes a shoe is just too much fun to pass up, as is the case with these Heels on Wheels from Enktan Gully, Enkythings. More than just a well crafted non sculpty shoe, the Heels on Wheels take a page from Steampunk mechanicals with the addition of spoked wheels. Not only do these look pretty darn cool, they also come complete with a skating animation that will have you gliding through your Second Life.

Visit Enkythings to pick up a pair!

The stuff;

Shoes: Enkythings, Heels on Wheels, Wicker Brown.

Skin: League, Kate Medium, Golden Glow (Hair).

Hair: Atelier AM, Kristine Flower, Umber (Hand Tinted Flower).

Outfit: League, Asuka Steam Outfit, Skirt Version.

(click image to expand.)

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