Sunday, November 15, 2009

StyleCard: JCS Vader's Sneakers

It is a shoe you kind of have to have in your wardrobe, that retro sport sneaker that seems to keep showing up all over the grid. I do like the Jeepers Creepers Shoes version by Eponymous Trenchmouth, besides being reasonably priced, the shoes are unisex and can be sized to suit both male and female avies. The Vader's come in multiple white/color combos, and an all black pair, which I especially like. Grab a pair here.

The Stuff;

On him:

Shoes: JCS, Vader's, All Black.

Skin: Belleza Jonas Tan 3

Hair: Uncleweb Studio/7R Robin Hair, Meteoric Swan.

Clothing: ARAI Sumi Jeans & Armidi Limited, Basic V-Neck, Black.

On me:

Shoes: JCS, Vader's, Gray.

Skin: Curio, Sundust FREX, Dark/Doe 1.

Hair: Maitreya, Green, Caramel.

Clothing: Maitreya, Boyfriend Jeans, #08 & Maitreya, RB Tank, Slate.

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