Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Big 5-0-0 & More!

Yep, another 'On Your Toes' Milestone. Hard to believe it has been 500 posts already! Once again I will take this opportunity to thank the incredible content creators of Second Life, who continue to create all those wonderful shoes, boots, and feet, that make my passion for shoe blogging endlessly rewarding. Despite all the negative forces that seem to get in the way of business in today's virtual marketplace, the footwear designers of SL are responsible for great leaps in innovation and remarkable creativity. I couldn't take a single stylish step without you!

Great appreciation to the other contributors, readers and followers of 'On Your Toes', I value the time you give to chase my feet around the grid, your feedback, and your great tips and finds. From the start of my journey on this blog way back in December of 2007, with my dear friend Graciana McMillan, I have never gotten tired of showing off the fantastic fashions of Second Life. If you are interested in more information about how this blog got started you can find that here.

As I look ahead to the upcoming '2009 SL® Footwear Expo' , starting on November 22nd and running until December 6th, I expect we will be sharing many more special shoe moments together in the future!

Thanks for keeping us On Your Toes!

There is something else to celebrate for loyal shoe fanatics, and in this case membership does have it's privileges! It seems that Stiletto Moody has decided to celebrate the 2 Year Anniversary of their Grand Opening with a very special gift for existing group members, that means that if you are not in the group already you won't be able to join up and grab this goody.

For the rest of us it's this red hot, Badseed Red in fact, pair of the new BARE Lana shoe in a limited gift edition, complete with all the features of the regular BARE footwear line, and featuring the very special Gold Heart Anniversary Logo on the sole. A shoe that will inspire love!

Stiletto Moody group members can pick this gift up for the next few days here & here.

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Congratulations....that's BIG