Monday, March 30, 2009

400 Toes!

As I was about to start a post this evening I noticed that the previous total number of posts was 399, making this one our 400th post! I immediately IM'd Graciana and we decided to get together and find a way to commemorate this huge accomplishment. We started way back on December 4th 2007, and I can still remember how big a deal blogging seemed to be, having never done it before. Graci held my hand and got me started and we have never looked back, we have reviewed shoes & boots, traditional prim and sculpted, with feet and without, and we have tried to show of some of the best that our amazing SL creators have to offer.

We decided to put on the very first pairs of shoes we blogged and take a photo together. I just had to giggle when I remembered my first was Stiletto Moody's Bitch Booties, I wore these just the other day, still very much a fave. Graciana's first footwear post was the Sugar and Spice Boots from Lyra Muse and LAST CALL/VAMP. It is amazing how much has changed, including our appearances... love of shoes, however, remains.

We both want to give tremendous thanks to all the wonderful creators who have kept our shoe inventories bursting at the seams, you inspire us. A big thanks to Jonny Tobias and the others who have contributed their time and feet to model for us in the past, it seems that men come and go, but great shoes are forever! Lastly, and most importantly, our dear readers - who make it all worthwhile, thank you for your support and feedback, you mean so much to us.

Thanks for keeping us On Your Toes!

*~Bootgirl & Shoegirl~*


Zach said...

Congratulations and commendations. Here's to the next 400! :)

Amanda said...

woot! wtg ladies!! but....i want Graci's hair with the piggies!! *jumps up and down*

Graciana McMillan said...

ETD :)