Tuesday, March 3, 2009

R2 Yummy!

Cruising through some flickr images today, I happened upon the stream of the amazing Dango Jewell, and spotted some fantastic looking sky high wedges on her feet in a few of the shots. As luck would have it, I caught her online and she produced the LM to the R2 store for me very quickly, thank-you again Dango! :)

These Akamai wedge pumps managed to escape my attention until today, but they are well worth the mention because of their exceptional quality, styling and a price that made it impossible for me to resist buying 3 pairs of the approximately 6 variations. My favorite by far is the fuchsia and purple 'Pink' pair. The vivid color was just what I needed to wake me up from these Winter blahs. The outfit, a complete mash-up from existing inventory items, long neglected, started with the skirt from the Church of Luxe 'Fairy Dress' in Pistachio, hand tinted to a bright pink shade. The sweater was a fluke that popped up when I searched for purple, but it's by MG Fashion, and I love its heavy cowl neck, the belt and gloves are Redgrave. Redgrave skin, Mikan Hair and some bangles from Fresh Baked Good & Caroline's add to the look.

Find these great R2 shoes & other great styles here.

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