Sunday, March 8, 2009

Oh My, Those Toes!

I am so glad that Siddean Munro thought to send me her latest release, not only has her talent continued to grow since the last time I reviewed her footwear, but it seems that her shoes themselves have sprouted toes, well whole feet really. I am a fan of prim feet, and it seems that the blogging community is warming up to them, really it was only a matter of time. Change can be scary, and amputation humour aside, I think that prim feet are here to stay and will continue to improve. Siddean's feet are cute, well not her actual feet, the ones in her two shoe styles that I am reviewing here, the Lovely Legs and the Desire. The SLink foot has a different look to the other famous feet in shoes which I am more familiar with, I find them to be attractive but a bit softer and more ample around the heel and toe areas, giving them a more animated look.

What I simply adore about these is the HUD attachments that make skin matching and customizing your shoe and accessories just a few clicks away. It did take me a few minutes to read the quick start note card that arrived with the shoes, but the process after that was easy as pie and I was happy with the result. Bright funky colors and even toenail art make these a really fun shoe to style to match your look perfectly. I will say that because they are a single attachment shoe, without an separate ankle section, I had to be a bit more careful with the poses that I chose to show them off, ankle position for more extreme poses yielded some interesting results, but for general walking and most typical AO poses this would not be a negative factor.

The Lovely Legs style, shown here in green are super sexy and did in fact make for that lovely legged look, especially with the new Lime version of the Elate! Felicity Dress. More newness is the completely irresistible hair from DejaVu called Lady Crocodile. I added some great touches of color with the customizable head band, lemon yellow beads from Ume Mode (color change), Bangle set from Finc! and Patent Lemon purse from Celestial Studios. The Desire shoes got the pink treatment with the same Elate! dress in Blush, and another morsel from DejaVu, the Mademoiselle with customizable trio of bands. Simple and Sparkling accessories from U & R Dogs, a personal fave, completed the look.

Please visit Siddean for her sexy shoes, and her other wonderful items at SLink.

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Shattered said...

So far the prim feet haven't impressed me much, but then I looked at your full-size photos.

I noticed slight wrinkles on the back of the feet.

What lovely attention to detail Siddean has given these, and it's enough to make me check these out inworld.