Sunday, March 15, 2009

SLink: Bare feet

Since I read Annessa's fantastic feature on the new toe shoes over at SLink, I just had to run over and grab a pair for myself. While there I also noticed something else, the Bamboo style bare feet! Siddean Munro's creation are a fantastic addition to the upcoming beach wear season (if you live in North America like myself), especially if you don't want to always wear your bathing suit with heels. However, I found a more domesticated use for these cuties in my quest to be barefoot and pregnant. What? SLhousewives need cute toes too! Visit SLink Online and InWorld


Pixel Babe said...

I have been looking for that hairstyle with the curlers all over the grid and can't find it. Can you post in reply where you got it and the name of the style? Thanks so much!

Graciana McMillan said...

Hi there, it's from Curl up and Dye. I'm not inworld right now to tell you the name for sure, but I *think* it is just Curlers :)