Sunday, October 7, 2012

Changing Light Bulbs

"Doth falsely blind the eyesight of his look.
Light, seeking light, doth light of light beguile;
So ere you find where light in darkness lies,
Your light grows dark by losing of your eyes."
(Love's Labor's Lost Act 1. scene 1)
William Shakespeare
Sometimes it just takes shedding a new light on things to see what was always there. In the immortal words of Shakespeare, and inspired by Caroline's brand new Shakespeare Cameo Set, a unique choker and earrings set that features the man himself in cameo form, soon to be released at Cinema, I bring you my interpretation of finding new light, new inspiration, and renewing my love of blogging SL Fashion.

I start with a look that I never expected to love, but absolutely do, these pants called Tweed Tucked Pants are by Tram, they are an unexpected wool deep-crotch style, complete with stylish darts and knit cuffs. I wore them with the very classy belted  Ava Jacket by Maitreya, a piece that can be worn with pants, skirts and even over some dresses. I can't say enough about the great soft folds of the sleeve and skinny belt, that manages to stay in the perfect spot on your waist because it is a part of the complete jacket. In this case the belt does double duty bringing the eye upward and extending the long look of the waistline created by the pants. Maitreya gets extra credit for the uber gorgeous Devi Boots, shapely booties with laces and sexy tall heels worn here.
“Love is heavy and light, bright and dark,
hot and cold, sick and healthy, asleep and awake-
its everything except what it is!”
( Romeo and Juliet, Act 1. scene 1)

William Shakespeare
Lighting up some older gems I had saved up in my inventory, I started with the satiny and sexy Dotty Basque lingerie from Oh LaLa!, by pairing it with a light as air skirt from Tram, it suddenly becomes a whole new dress (complete with garters and stockings). Accessories like the beautiful eyelet collar (also by Tram) and the Bonnie Boots by Redgrave, are worn with a simple pair of cuffs from an old DE set. The final picture, illuminated and clear, a sexy and sweet 'frock' with fun touches new and old. Exile Hair, with its tremendous array of variety and style, is worn in both of these looks, while the skin is a gatcha treat from PXL, called Gaia Dark and is available now as part of their Gatcha Event.

The Details from Head to Toes;

Hair: Exile Nina - Raven
Skin: PXL Gaia Dark (Gacha)
Eyes: ID Shine Eyes V2 - Gray/Basic
Accessories: Caroline's, Shakespeare Cameo Set (Cinema Exclusive) Event Location **Event Opens 10/13/2012
Jacket: Maitreya, Ava Jacket - Black
Pants: Tram Tweed Tuck Pants - Grey
Boots: Maitreya, Devi Booties - Black
Poses: Exposeur Poses - Fashuneesta 13 & Indyra

Hair: Exile Lost in Wonderland - Raven
Skin: PXL Gaia Dark (Gacha)
Eyes: ID Shine Eyes V2 - Gray/Basic
Accessories: Tram Scallop Collars (Color Change), DE Designs Glove Cuffs from 4YR Outfit
Lingerie Set: (Ooh LaLa!) Dotty Basque - Black
Skirt: Tram Chiffon Skirt - Black
Boots: Redgrave Bonnie Boots - NightSilver
Pose: [On The Cover] - no longer available
Table & Chandeleir by Abiss Interiors.
Loose Light Bulbs (NO TRANS v1.4) by FD Bajery - Sculpted Shop
Ladders - Bitter Vanilla *color tinted.
Hanging Light Bulb Fixtures by LOST DAWN
On Your Toes will always include complete shopping information (to the best of our ability) with each of our blog posts, including pose information and details about any props used by us in our studio shoots (location names for location shoots will also be included.) Thank you for checking us out again!


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