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What Your Hands Say

On Your Toes Blog: What Your hands Say

I remember clearly the almost angry cries from the fashion in-crowd when 'Frankenfeet' started to hit the grid. "I'll never wear them!" they proclaimed, and sure enough as time has passed the tables have turned, now the reaction is reserved for when we see our own paddle-like basic avatar feet... "I can't stand to look at them!" we say. The same can be said about mesh hands, for most people they seem like an awkward leap forward, for those of us who have been quietly editing our fat little fingers and pointy wrist bits for the past five years, they are a gift, and the wonderful thing about the ones that Siddean Munro has released at Slink is this... hands communicate in ways our feet never could. A soft relaxed hand, a pointing finger, a rock'n'roll gesture, and so many more, these subtle expressions can change the way our avatar expresses its mood in person and in pictures.
I decided to put together a few fashionable looks and play with my new hands, I found them to be wonderful for showing off a costume jewelry ring, or delicately clutch a strand of beads or purse. I started out with the gorgeous Hedda Leather Dress from MichaMi, curve hugging and with perfect details and shading. There is something so wonderful about pretty much everything MichaMi releases, each item is so carefully created, there is no rush of releases week after week, but when Milla (Michinaga) does give us something new, you can bet it will be unique, well-made and the colors chosen with care. To help accent the use of the mesh hands I played with lots of accessories, and a great bag from Veschi, along with the sexy spike healed Lulu shoes from Slink.
On Your Toes Blog: What Your hands Say

A perfect example of how well these hands can convey emotion is the soft way they hold the Vyomini Chained Bracelet by Zaara, the mood for this image is introspective and casual, much like the shirt and pants from Emery. The whole thing felt like a very private moment, I was inspired to kick off my flats and pose in the mesh feet (also from Slink). The artworks that serve as the backdrop for this series of images are by Illustrator/Animator, Akira Yoshida, who had a presence in SL a few years back, I purchased these at YUMEJI and they lived on the walls of my SL studio for quite a while. I was reminded of them when I looked at the elegant positions of the Slink hands, so they made their way into my photos.
On Your Toes Blog: What Your hands Say

Lastly, I wanted to have a little fun with a sexy skin baring look that manages to remain classy, the little Maitreya top is covered partly by the LeLutka Jacket, and even over the tiny tailored House of Fox shorts and super high Maitreya boots, this girl looks like she is headed to a fun party or club for the night. I love the way my hand is finally able to hold onto that clutch purse without awkwardly having a thumb stuck inside the back of the bag, like it often does with basic SL hands. the texture of the purse compliments the boots well, and I added plenty of silver jewelry to bling out (without any actual bling) this outfit.
My review of the Slink Rigged Mesh Hands, I happen to love them. I am sure I will use them often. If you are a blogger, or model, or even if you just love taking pictures of yourself in SL, these are an investment you can afford to make. Please visit Slink to demo the hands and see which ones speak to you. As a side note I'd like to humbly beg Siddean to consider making me some leather gloved versions of these lovely hands, winter will be here soon enough! to the hands.

The stuff from Head to Toes;
Hair: booN, RUMI51 Hairpiece - Chocolate (modified), LeLutka, Swish -Burnt (Hairbun Only - sized up).
Skin: League, Jen Medium - GlamGoth  (Cleavage C) Hairbase
Skin Tattoos: League, Jen -Medium- Lipstick CandyRed -Matt, PIDIDDLE, CheekDefinition - Diamond Cutter (Pale to Fair)
Eyes: ID (Insufferable Dastard), Shine Eyes v2 - Gray/Basic
Hands: Slink, Mesh Rigged Hands (Bag L & Elegant 1 R)
Dress: MichaMi, Hedda Leather Dress - Indigo
Accessories: MG (Maxi Gossamer), Barcelona Set (Earrings & Bracelets), Donna Flora, VERA Ring, Veschi, Blinged Out Beggar bag - Black (store closed)
Shoes: Slink, Lulu Stilettos - Black
Pose: AnaLu, Fresh Poses 445


Hair: LeLutka, Blake - Bournville
Skin: League, Jen Medium - Natural  (Cleavage C) Hairbase
Skin Tattoos: Blacklace Beauty, Summertime Shadows - Sea
Eyes: ID (Insufferable Dastard), Shine Eyes v2 - Gray/Basic

Hands: Slink, Mesh Rigged Hands (Relax L & Flat R)

Top: Emery, Mesh Shirt Kafka - Black
Pants: Emery, Mesh Leggings Contrast - Leather Smoke
Accessories: Zaara, Vyomini chained bracelet - OnyxSilver

Feet: Slink, Barefeet Mesh, Medium
Shoes: (on ground) Elate!, Kate Flats - Onyx
Bag: (on ground) Armidi Gisaci, Focsani Bag - Lare
Pose: Everglow, Model 570


Hair: LeLutka, Versage - Bournville Fade
Skin: League, Jen Medium - Glam (Cleavage C) Hairbase
Skin Tattoos: PIDIDDLE, CheekDefinition - Diamond Cutter (Pale to Fair), Blacklace Beauty, Eyeliner 2, Amacci, Eyelash Tattoo 5
Eyes: ID (Insufferable Dastard), Shine Eyes v2 - Gray/Basic

Hands: Slink, Mesh Rigged Hands (Gesture L & Splayed R)

Top: Maitreya, Bra Top - Midnight
Jacket: LeLutka, Gether Jacket - Black
Shorts: Color Me (House of Fox), Tailored Shorts - Black
Accessories: RO (Remarkable Oblivion) Clutch - Black, Mandala, Hannya Necklace - Silver & 7Luck Bracelet

Boots: Maitreya Mesh, Radical Boots - Smoke Reptile
Pose: Everglow, Model 435
ADDITIONAL PROPS/INFORMATION:Artwork by Akira Yoshida, YUMEJII also use the VR Studio Pose Stand & HUD by VR Foundry.

On Your Toes will always include complete shopping information (to the best of our ability) with each of our blog posts, including pose information and details about any props used by us in our studio shoots (location names for location shoots will also be included.) Thank you for checking us out again!

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