Monday, December 15, 2008

The best of the best....

Over this rather busy weekend the I was rather spoiled when I was named the Runway Magazine Male Model of the year. This rather prestigious award I was not expecting to win after I had won the Best of SL award for Top Male model, and came as a complete shock. In all though I say thankyou to Maggie and Ocean and to their panel for selecting me from all the hardworking models out there, it truly was a nice way to cap off the year. But on top of that I got to wear some new (and yet to be released) items from the amazing girls at Redgrave.

The Dirty Biker boot has been getting worked on for a while now, and as Viola promised me, I was amazed when I saw them. Having an image in your head when being told about these boots, was certainly one thing, but actually seeing them in world and the amazing realism was quite another. I have tried boots from all over, but these are among the most realistic ones I have worn in SL. I was glad that I could look at these with my new PC and graphics card (but I wish they would update SL to work better with the newest cards on the market, because other than having less lag and things I actually have more issues with crashing now than I had on my 2 year old previous machine, but enough whinging from me!)
The Redgrave Dirty Biker boots I am showing in the Night and Dirty Sand tones, howeve there is other shades such as Forest (a soft green tone), Mud (a gritty brown tone) and Soldier (army camo tone) versions. The boots come with 2 fitting options of loose and Tight fits, but I found the loose version to be easier to wear as it didn't require as much editing of the jeans. The clothes I am wearing are theRedgrave Grunge jacket with shirt and scarf, Biker gloves (1/2 finger) and Sporty-Pants Nylon/Belt in Moss Green. These items all follow the same high level of realism as the boots and it is great to see new additions to the range and I can't wait to see what else Emilia has up her creative sleeves. Also I couldn't leave the girls out and had to show my girlfriend Cynthia wearing the soon to be released Redgrave Cord-Sequin Mini DRESS -Black- which I totally adored.So if you are after some boots with a high level of realism, go and check out these boots today, I assure you wont be disapointed.

REDGRAVE Fashion and Accessories

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