Friday, December 12, 2008

3-Ways and the 'F Word'

Now that I have your attention, we can talk about what is really going on here. Firstly, Miss Tesla Miles has surfaced, and she has brought shoes with her. TESLA will soon be releasing the High Oxfords, and for a girl who has been wearing so many boots lately, I am pleased to review some shoes again. The Oxfords are a great looking shoe too, with a moderate platform, chunky heel and lace-up upper. These multi-tonal shoes are almost chameleon-like in their ability to work with a variety of items in your wardrobe. And they also lend themselves to multiple styles of dressing. I am illustrating 3 unique looks; Classic, Casual & Club Wear... 3 ways, get it? (click images to see larger size.)

With 12 amazing pairs on the menu; Gold, Bronze, Berry, Black, Blue, Chocolate, Jade, Olive, Purple, Scarlet, Snow and Teal, you might just be better off using the F word... Fatpack. I don't throw that word around lightly, but if this is a style of shoe that appeals to you I do not see how you can go wrong. Lovers of slightly metallic colors and hand tooled leather details should be in heaven by the weekend... Tesla's scheduled release for these cuties.

Please visit TESLA and look for the High Oxfords.

The stuff; Classic - Redgrave Skin, MMS Hair, Shai Blouse, Cachet Skirt, Battered Boudoir Hosiery, Paper Couture Earrings, TESLA High Oxfords in Berry. Casual - Redgrave Skin, DejaVu Hair, amerie's Naughty Sweater, Muism Jeans, Earrings by LUCE, Flat Cap by The Hat Shop, TESLA High Oxfords in Bronze. Club Wear - Redgrave Skin, Armidi Hair, Armidi Leather Vest, GiMa Mini dress, Shop Seu Rolled Stockings, Untone Belt, Soon to be released Bracelets by Fresh Baked Goods, Earrings by LUCE, TESLA HIgh Oxfords in Gold.

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Anonymous said...

In RL I've seen uber-hip urban fashionists wearing these types of boots, only with much lower heels. I almost bought a pair of the real deal for myself until the sales lady told me they would be useless in the snow. This is why we have SL. But arrgh why does the heel here have to be so friggin tall? In both worlds I love the stamped leather details and the old-timey feel, but the height is a deal breaker for me.