Friday, December 5, 2008

sk8tr girl

Weeee! I am Canadian, that should mean I grew up in skates, and I did, but most of that time was spent waiting to get them laced up along with my siblings, driving to the arena or frozen lake, and then inevitably on my backside trying to catch up to all the really cool girls in my class that were lucky enough to get figure skating lessons. So anyways, here in SL I am so blissfully free of all the negative parts of the experience, and can fully enjoy myself, just open a folder, wear, and TP to the virtual rink of your choice for a full on Sasha Cohen experience, with the exception of the fugly freebie skates.

Thanks to Bax Coen, I can now say that my winter dream is complete. An extremely over the top stiletto style boot skate, laced up and ready for action. It is pure white, like any good skate ought to be (though I wouldn't mind a set of Pink faux-Angora boot warmers like the girls in school had). These come with the very necessary built in skating AO, which will have you gliding like a pro in no time, but can be used with your own AO or skating animations if you turn that option off, they are also sizable for a custom fit. Ahhh, sweet love!

Be sure and lace-up and join the Bax Boots Crew for this afternoon's Winter Party, a fun reason to get together and enjoy the start of a fantastic season... 4:00PM SLT today!

See you there! CLICK FOR TP

The stuff; Redgrave Skin, ::69:: Hair/Hat, momo T-shirt, HUB Undershirt (from dress), Prim Vest by COCO, Yellow Mini Skirt by Sweetest Goodbye, Leggings by Punch Drunk (Last Year's Holiday Freebie), Socks by NC, Gloves are Fleur, Bracelet by Violet Voltaire, Candy Necklace by Fresh Baked Goods. Top Photos take at Retrology.

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