Tuesday, June 9, 2009

B&G Take 2

My second installment from BG Planer from B&G is the Selena shoe shown her in Rojo. As with the Melody shoes from BG these are strappy and sexy and have lots of options on the HUD to help you customize the look that you want!  Take a minute and check out B&G InWorld!

Other stuff: Skin: Belleza, Hair: Truth, Shirt: Truth Freebie, Pants: /NoLabel/

**Ok so I am having a major computer issue. Basically when I log into SL my whole monitor takes on a minor bleaching effect. This happens in all applications, not just SL, but only once I log into SL. As soon as I reboot the colors go back to normal in all my other applications. Basically the reason I'm writing all this is that when I am in SL, my avatar appears to have matching skin tones with my feet/shoes, but then when others see it, and when I myself see it after a reboot, I can clearly see it does not. 

In my original post of the B&G shoes the skin on my ankle and foot didn't match at all. I'd like to thank those of you who pointed it out to me and let me know what was going on, either directly or indirectly. Without those of you who are looking out for the integrity of SL blogging, I would of been totally clueless and thought nothing was wrong with my picture. (that is until I saw the blog before logging back into SL, then I might have noticed it). I like to take pretty pictures, and I like them to be accurate. I don't post-process other than cropping, and I like to think I can take a decent picture. So I do thank you very much. 

I'm concerned about this computer issue of mine, and who knows what I will do to solve it. I have a feeling my laptop monitor wants to die. Time will tell. I hope to keep on blogging, it is a love of mine, but we will see.  Until next time! ~Graci


Grazia said...

oh my, Gracie... but are they so hard to tint?

Graciana McMillan said...

I thought they were easy to tint, if i didn't wear my Redgrave skin. Redgrave has so many highlights that i struggle with any "foot" in shoe item that i wear when wearing that particular skin. I was just having a convo with a great designer tonight about the tint struggle..one of my main concerns is the different lighting settings that people may have on their own screen when you are out and about. I love the prim feet, don't get me wrong, but a wear and go shoe is always a plus too!

Ann Launay said...

Out of curiosity, do the feet and calves in the image above look like they match on your monitor? Because they're way off on mine.

Graciana McMillan said...

Yes, I see that now, and I'll have to fix that. Unfortunatly, my computer tends to bleach out as soon as i log into sl and then doesn't fix until i reboot the entire machine. The shoes are great, so don't hold my computer issues against them...and I'll get the picture fixed asap!

Isara Beaumont said...

The problem is that everyone has different viewer settings (and viewer versions), and thus the prim feet will always look different for others. I see these "foot in shoe" things quite often, and on my viewer they are always off.

I think they're nice for photo shootings, but not for walking around with and be seen by others.

Graciana McMillan said...

I know what you mean Isara. I actually had a great convo with Digit Darkes the other night about making some of her great shoes with*out* the foot in option. So if you still wanted to wear the fab looking shoe and put up with the SL avatar *natural* feet you could do so. She was going to see how it would turn out! I'm excited to see myself!

Anessa Stine said...

You done good Graci girl! Thank goodness the 'better blogger task force' was paying attention. lol