Thursday, June 4, 2009


So if you checked out the premier edition of SXY2ND you would have saw some pretty sexy swimsuits. In a promotion in conjunction with the premier, Magnolia Mayo of Crochet put out a freebie SUPER cute bikini. Now before I get ahead of myself, the outfit in the picture is *not* that bikini, but it is from Crochet. When I went over to grab my free sexy swimwear I noticed the cute Anabela shoes and then the also quite as cute sunshine summer bikini top and shorts. The best is that the shoes were only 80L, as was the outfit!  Now it was kinda a shock to my system looking at my feet in these shoes. Mostly, because I've become spoiled wearing sculptie feet and conveniently forgot about those avatar feet hidden under my smoke and mirrors, but these are a cute pair of shoes that works perfect for summer. At a fab price as well! Take a look for yourself. Visit Crochet Inworld. While you are there, pick up a copy of SXY2ND if you haven't yet! :) 

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