Monday, June 8, 2009

Fussy About Neferia

Time for my very own Ivalde tribute - but since this is a footwear blog I am showing off some of the sexy heels from Fussy, a small but fantastic little footwear boutique that had some great shoes and boots. I paired 2 styles with these Ivalde and L'Abel looks; first, the L'Abel Anceline Dress in White (available at Retrology) worn with Fussy Empire Stilettos in Silver and then my all time fave, the Stine Leopard Wiggle Dress which I like to pretend was named after me - but nope, Stine is, I am told, a rather popular girls name in Norway - but I am a lover of system skirts and Leopard print and have worn this dress many times in the last 2 years - shown here with First Date Stilettos in brown and snakeskin combination by Fussy.

My very first item of clothing from Ivalde was a peach coloured dress given to me by a friend named JojjE - long gone from SL - I remember thinking the dress was not really my style, but just a few weeks later, in March 2007, I managed to track down Ivalde's little shop and was so impressed by the things I saw. When Ketsy and I dreamed up PIN UPS Night Club and wanted to include some retro vendors on the premises Antonia Marat's Artilleri and Neferia Abel's Ivalde were top of the list.

Neferia Abel has been with PIN UPS & Retrology since the start, a most generous friend and dedicated creator, she was never too busy to chat about anything at all, and her enthusiasm and love of SL is still contagious. When news reached me that she had come to Retrology and pulled her shop, I was shocked and saddened. Jhuzen and I immediately began working to find a way to have her back - Retrology would just not be the same without her.

I contacted friend and talented builder Flix Saiman and asked for his help in creating a new shop for Nef, in Art Deco Style, and even on such short notice and less than a day to build, he created a beautiful home for Ivalde. We at Retrology are overjoyed to have been able to find a home for both Ivalde and Neferia's loyal staff while she is taking time away to get well.

Thank-you Nef for dressing us all so well in your many styles, and hurry back!

The Stuff;

Shoes - Fussy, Empire Stilettos and First Date Stilettos.

Skin - Gala Phoenix JUNE Sundust (Frex)

Hair - Analogue Dog, Lua and Monday.

Dresses - L'Abel and Ivalde (see above).

Accessories - Caroline's White Bauble Ring, UZURI Circle of Life Earrings and Necklace, Fleur Sash Belt Tan (tinted darker), (luc) Leopard Bangles.

Photos taken at NotSoBad Sim.


Jhuzen Ketsugo said...

Great Post Ness, love the looks! TY!

~ Ketsy

Ana Lutetia said...

Those FUSSY shoes are to die for. Love them!