Friday, June 5, 2009

StyleCard: Digit Darkes Dolce Heel

Digit Darkes released another pair of foot-in-shoe pretties this week. The Dolce Heels come equipped with more changeable features than I have seen before on a shoe. A very decorative and gem accented shoe that makes matching with the bright wonderful Summer fashions a breeze. You have options for sole, leather upper, flower texture and shade, gem color, nail shades and a completely tintable base palate that makes these really special.

As with her previously reviewed Desire and Lotus Heels these shoes are certainly well made, my bone to pick remains the unbecoming dark shading one the sides of the ankle and foot that make skin matching a daunting pursuit - I was able to match the front of the foot and toes quite easily, but the side shadows remain fairly obvious.

Baiastice is a favorite for beautiful dresses, and the newly released Cotton Stripes Dress is gorgeous with it's burst of summery color. I am also a big fan of the Donnarama Gloss Skins and the beautiful creamy textures and stunning make-ups, worn here. Shopping details below.

The Stuff;

Shoes - Digit Darkes Dolce Heels Custom

Skin - Baiastice Donnarama GLOSS Sunkiss

Hair - Armidi Super Pony

Dress - Baiastice Cotton Stripes Dress - Orange

Earrings - Heureux papillon DEKO Pierce - Gold

Bracelet - Yummy Found Hearts Bracelet - Tinted
Necklace - Ume Mode Crown Pendant (Color Change)

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