Monday, April 6, 2009

More Feet, Pretty Shoes.

Digit Darkes is the latest to release a foot-in-shoe creation with her Spring 2009 release of the Lotus Heels. In true Digit Darkes style the attractive platform sandals have great detail and gorgeous accent gems. Both the Base and Leather upper parts have multiple colour/fabrication options, toenails and gem stones are customizable too, making for a very versatile shoe, which is always a nice value for your Lindens. Where I do offer some criticism here is with the foot itself.

For this shoe Digit created an invisi-prim foot attachment that basically makes your avatar feet vanish, and then attached the shoe to the lower leg, an interesting method that I found to work well in hiding the foot and ankle join. The shoe drop down menu offers multiple selections for skin tone, and even included a note card recommending what tone might suit some top selling skins, as was the case with my tan skin from Redgrave. The color itself did match my skin pretty well, but it seems to me that in an attempt to up the realism on the shoe a large amount of shadow was added to the foot, making for an odd break when looked at from certain angles, as I mentioned earlier the design of the shoe itself is really spectacular and perhaps it was a windlight setting issue that gave me the deep shadowed effect. These are very pretty shoes.

You can get a hold of these sparkling stilettos at Digit Darkes Main Store.

The Stuff; Redgrave Leona Skin (Tan - Cyan), ETD Gwen Hair (Espresso), Top Part of Retro Tube Dress (Black) from So Many Styles, Artilleri Pencil Skirt (Teal), M * A * ii * K * I High Waisted Belt (Patent Black), LeLutka Clutch Purse, UnTone Drops Earrings, UZURI Bracelet.


Linka said...

ech Anessa, and now i have to buy digit heels eheh.

Shattered said...

Interesting way of doing it, however, if they attach to the lower leg instead, that hogs the attachment points for prim pantcuffs. Too bad, because I doubt I'm the only person with lots of cute capris and such.