Saturday, April 11, 2009

Blog-O-Rama Saturday

Is it just me or did everyone release new shoes this weekend? I have once again decided to condense my reviews into one big posting, all outfit details will be at the end. So let's take a look at the latest from Biddle Boots, AOHARU Walk & enkythings.

The Ankle Boots from Biddle Boots, have a great satiny texture and are adorned with stylish gold chains and trims. I love the fresh pink color shown here, and the overall sleek shape. What seems to be the latest method of attaching footwear appears here once again, with an invisi-prim foot attachment and the actual boot attached to the lower leg.

Another cute release from Biddle Boots, shop here.

Next we have this surprising treat from AOHARU Walk Luxury Line, who has released a new foot in shoe Gladiator Sandal, called Enamel Gladiator shown here in white. I am really quite impressed with the detail and the style of this shoe, the skin adjustment was very simple using a hud with multiple color options, and then further fine tuning should you need it. One of my favorite feet in shoe styles that I have reviewed thus far.

Visit AOHARU Walk to view all colors.

Last but not least is a new style from Enktan Gully, enkythings, well actually its a variation on the previously released Sulaco Heels, These are not only a two tone version, but also come adorned with a sculpted flower in matching shades. A nicely textured shoe with a retro appeal.

Multiple Colors are available, so visit the main store to take a look.

The Stuff; with Biddle Boots; Redgrave Skin, Mikan Hair, Tangy Tank Top, Artilleri Pants, MichaMi Belt from Fearne Top (tinted). MiamMiam Charm Necklace, UR Dogs Bangle & Nautica Bunny Bag from Pampered Princess. with AOHARU Gladiator Sandals; Redgrave Skin, ::69:: Hair, Necklace and Bracelt by Violet Voltaire. with Enkythings; Redgrave Skin, Zero Style hair, Decolletage Outfit (belt included), Bangle from Ume Mode.

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Sugarr said...

The link for aoharu walk actually goes to the other shoe store above it, Biddle Boots.