Thursday, April 2, 2009

Some Bargain finds...

So my friend Zach comes through for me again and sends me these cuties that he found when walking the know, XStreet. The coolest part is that the HOC sneaker wedges found above are 30L's and the Cheeky Shoes were 25L! Now while both shoes have a great price, there are some differences, which makes it tricky to lump in one post. 

Lets start with the Sneaker Wedges by Guu Nishi of HOC. First off, they are a tenni-wedge, and as the notecard that comes with them states, they are made completely by Guu Nishi, who believes that, "free or low price items should not be of low quality, our items have taken many hours (or days!) to create." 

Now as far as the Cheeky shoes go, these are prim toed stilettos, they also are color changing, not only the skin or the toe polish, but the shoe themselves. They have a unique system for matching colors that I haven't quite seen before. Unlike the Sneaker Wedges, these shoes are created by purchased sculpties and textures.  

Kellyo Mayo, the creator of the Cheekys states in the enclosed notecard, "I freely admit I did not create the sculptie or textures for these shoes I bought them.  I modified a few textures and added the scripts for the color changing balls.  These are a decent pair of starter shoes with feet in them.  There are far far better shoes with sculptie feet in them..." 

So there you go, available on XStreet for a bargin price if you are in the market. I personally am now in love with the Sneaker Wedges and think that for the price the Cheekys are quite nice. 

Other stuff: Hair by ETD, Skin by Redgrave, Tops by caLLie cLine, pants by caLLie cLine in pic 2 and ETD in pic 1. 

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