Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kickass Boots

I swear, Tesla Miles is a genius, there is no better way to describe someone who has conquered more styles than Madonna. Seriously though, every time she releases a shoe it is a surprise to me, always pushing her skills to another level of shape, style and texturing. Today's happy release of the Harvey Biker Boots certainly made me smile, especially when she remarked that they might not be my style... hunny, everything you make is my style. The boots, which are available for Men too btw, are the best grunged up short biker boots I have seen in a long time. Scuffed and salt stained, the boots have great details like the prim zipper pulls. These again seem to be on the latest trend, a one piece boot that attaches to the lower leg, with an invisible prim foot attachment that effectively amputates your foot.

Truly great boots from Tesla, grab some here.

Other stuff; Redgrave Skin, TRUTH Hat/Hair, Abyss Top and Shorts, COCO Jacket, Redgrave Gloves, Dutch Touch Socks/Fishnets, AITUI Tattoo.

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