Monday, April 13, 2009

Twice the Toes - Digit Darkes and Truth

I think Anessa was right! It's been a shoe explosion the past few days! So I'm fast tracking a bit and double posting some of the new stuff that's come across my attention. First (above) is the Desire Heel from Digit Darkes. On Your Toes had featured Digit's other "Toe Shoe" the Lotus Heels earlier in the week. Like the Lotus these are gorgeous shoes. Super high heal with leather and metal hardware, that is also color changing from brown & black leather and gold, silver, & bronze metal.  I really like the look of these prim toes, and the overall shape is yummy. I did have a bit more trouble matching my skin tone, and found that it was easier for me to match these shoes with my Belleza skin than my Redgrave. Like Anessa said in her first review, there is a notecard provided that gives suggestions with tones, and there also is a sock pack included that helps as well. The shading around the sides is darker than the rest of the foot, which could change depending on your lighting and viewer. This shoe also utilizes invisaprims on the legs to hide those ghastly natural SL feet, so you won't be able to use your cuffs with these shoes that use the same attach point. 

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On a side note, while reading plurks the other day, Alaska M. had a really great idea. She asked whether shoe creators who make shoes with sculpted feet were making copies of them without the feet as well. I love that idea, just because even though I personally love the cute little piggies, I know there are others out there who aren't in favor of them, I'd hate to see those people not get a chance to wear some of these great looking shoes! Just an idea. :)

So my other treasure is the Sophia Boots from Truth (along with some really cute Truth hair too). The detail on the buckle of these ankle boots are fabulous, these are just the type of boots that boot lovers need for the upcoming warmer months! I think they'd look great with capris, shorts, skirts, and whatever suits your fancy! Available in several colors, these are worth a look!

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Other stuff: Picture 1: Redgrave/Belleza skin, Lamb hair,  Canimal top, No Label pants, Digit Darkes-Desire Heel. Picture 2: TRUTH Sophia Boots,  [MG fashion] Rita denim dress, Truth Hair,  Redgrave skin.

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