Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Playing Footsies

A couple of quick hits that are worth checking out, new releases from AOHARU Walk, J's Shoes and Kookie. Up first is the just born style from Kookie Lemon, Vogue Strappy Shoes. A fresh heel-less foot in shoe platform with metallic leather straps. Easy skin color change with a colour tinted ball that you rez and customize, and a HUD for nail color and the ankle fix options. These are available in multiple colors.

Next up is the attractive Flat Gladiator Sandal from AOHARU Walk. Like the rest of the Luxury Line more cute feet, but these are a flat which is less common. I like all the little details and the join at the leg looks great after minor fit adjustment. A sassy kinda flat sandal for sure. These are worth grabbing in your favorite shade.

Finally is today's release from J's, the Flip-Flap and Barefoot. Of all the foot in shoe styles I have tried I found these the trickiest to tint, but once i got them matched the result was rather nice. I love these flat foot styles and a flip flop is great shoe to have with the foot. These also come with the option of nail colors and can be worn as a bare foot too... which would be nice for photos but will likely need some retouch at the ankle. These come with a pair of cute flowered anklets to help disguise the join point.

Visit Kookie, AOHARU and J's Shoes.

The stuff; with Kookie - Redgrave Skin, LAQ Hair, Elate! Dress, LeLutka Accessories. with AOHARU - Redgrave Skin, Junwave Hair, TULI Top, COCO Short Denim with Belt, M.R.M. Bracelets. with J's - Redgrave Skin, ETD Ltd. Edition Hair (No Longer Available), League Frayed Skirt, Accessories by M.R.M. and UnTone.

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