Friday, April 24, 2009

The Shiny Truth!!!!

I've come to this conclusion: "Graci slacks, therefore she is"  Yes, yet again I'm cheating and combining my posts for this week. But I have to say, what great shoes I have for you today. 

From Fallingwater Cellardoor of Shiny Things are the Hyasynths named for the Silentsparrow creator, Hyasynth. A very platformed shoe, the fine details of the straps with the cute stars make this a fab shoe. Available in red and black versions, there is also a dress from Silentsparrow to go with the shoes. Visit Shiny Things Online and In World

Truth Hawks has been a busy bee, not only was there a shoe release recently, but I think more hair, clothes and accessories such as belts and bags. Here I have on the Wests high tops. Available in a lot of color combinations and in both female and male sizes. A fun shoe for lounging or playing. Visit Truth Online and In World

Other Stuff: Shiny Things - Hair by Truth, Skin by Redgrave, Dress by Fuel. Truth - Hair by ETD, Skin by Redgrave, Shirt by Launa Fauna, Sock and Shorts by Detour.


Tom said...

just to point out the shorts and socks are from Detour :P not Decoy they are good shoes though

Graciana McMillan said...

Opps I'll fix that, I posted offline and was going off my very bad memory!