Friday, June 3, 2011

Happiness Is...

A sexy summer sandal with more than just a sexy shape, the Nardcotix Rosa Maria is part of the impressive MANA collection of foot in shoe designs. You will love the intricate layers of snakeskin stamped leather and vivid color combinations, each of the shades offered has its own distinct flavor, and will be a joy to style with some hot summer looks.
Before you dance on over to Nardya Rousselot's store on the Reek Sim, you will also be happy to know that the MANA collection still offers one of my favorite user HUDs for skin tone matching and specialty nail options, its very simple to use tab format allows you to customize your choices easily and quickly, a detail that will make these great shoes even easier to love!

The stuff;

Designer: Nardya Rousselot

Shoes: NX Nardcotix, MANA Rosa Maria, All Colors.

Skin: PXL Gaia, Sunkissed, SE DEB C2 FR
Skin Tattoo: PXL Gaia, Sunkissed, Red Lips.
Hair: TRUTH, Lucia, Espresso.

Outfit: Armidi (Gisaci), Buone Vacanze Blouse, Red. & Dans Le Ville Corset Shorts, Prussian Cape.
Accessories: Mon Tissu, French Poof, Orange. & Zaara, Niti Skirt Belt, Lemon Gold. & Secret Store, Girly Briefcase, Coral.
Other: Detour Manicure, Metallica, Saffron.

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