Monday, June 27, 2011

Une Magnifique Nuit

The other night I found myself at Paper Couture doing some late night shopping when I fell in love with the Bow Soiree Platform Wedge. I knew immediately that I had to blog and share these beauties because they are so delicate and feminine which makes them a perfect summer wedge.

The Bow Soiree Platform Wedge has a tall wooden heel that is uniquely shaped to accent the natural curve and arch of your foot. My favorite parts of the wedge are the two bows (located on the front and side) that draw out the feminine mystique. This wedge is just so cute and it's playful appearance makes it versatile and ideal for dressing up or for sporting something casual. 

The Bow Soiree Platform Wedge is available in four colors, White, black, brown and gold. Each shoe is 400L while a fatpack containing all four shoes are 1200L. If you are looking for a nice wedge I recommend taking a trip to Paper Couture and trying a demo.

The Look-Une Magnifique Nuit
Hair- Lamb-Opal-Honeycomb Roots
Skin-L.Fauna Skins-Lea T2 Freckles
Top-Willow-Cropped Striped Sweater-Black-Zombie Popcorn Hunt
Skirt-The Secret Store-Chic Cocktail dress
Necklace-Croire-Pop Portrait pendant
Belt-Indy&Co-Minerva Leather Belt- Watermelon
Shoes-Paper Couture- Bow Soiree Platform Wedges-White

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