Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Stepping into Summer

Stepping into Summer

Hello Sweethearts!
I'm so completely thrilled to become a part of the "On your Toes" blogging team. Joining this wonderful group of talented ladies has made me so happy, mainly because it gives me a really good excuse to purchase more shoes. (as if I needed any more of an excuses.)

Today I'm showcasing a sweet summer gladiator sandal from TokiD. I recently discovered this store and have become quite enamored with the shoes and accessories TokiD has to offer.

The Gladiator sandal is beautifully textured and sculpted quite nicely. I love the details on this shoe, the textured leather and stitching match the two buttons that are placed at the back of the sandal. The deep rich dark color is perfectly suited for summer and compliments any earth tone pallet.

I did have some slight trouble when I first tried on my sandal, but after contacting Maya Levane (creator) I was able to get things sorted out. Maya informed me the best size for your foot is 0 and that leg muscles should be between the range of 37-38. Maya also suggested utilizing the "edit linked parts" option to change specific trouble areas. I found it quite easy to make the necessary adjustment for the gladiator sandal, not any more difficult than editing new hair or clothing attachments.

The Gladiator sandal is available in six colors and are priced at 200L per pair and 500L per fat pack. TokiD is perfect for stepping into summer, because it's fresh and carefree style is everything that summer should be.

The Look- Stepping into Summer
Hair- Magika Hair-Jess- Brown Pack
Skin- L. Fauna- Lea T3- D Cup
Dress-MichaMi-Print Dress (The Dressing Room)
Shoes- TokiD- gladiator sandals-brown
Earrings-Apple May Designs- Dream Catcher

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