Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Art of Casual: Sculpted Sneakers

Unlike women, men don't usually build up large collections of shoes, so every pair has to be something a staple, whereas women can mix in some haute couture to diversify their collection It's for this reason that several of my posts here at On Your Toes are going to be for men who aren't sure what the "must have" items are. First and foremost? A good... no... a great pair of running shoes.

Guys seem to finally "come into their own" in Second Life once they have a solid casual look that is both versatile and unified... and that look will depend largely on their footwear. With that in mind, you can hardly do better for a clean, casual look than to invest in a pair of these Sculpted Runners from Redgrave for Men. Made in the style of a modern-generation Puma (check this photo to see what I mean), this shoe is loaded with realistic detail and is very versatile. More than just laces and stitching (both of which are excellent), the texture shading and highlighting show off the muted low-gloss leather surface. To look at them, you can almost feel the material under your fingertips.

I personally recommend them with Redgrave's Dark Blue Jeans or Khaki Cargo Pants and a a beaten leather, suede coat, or sportscoat. Brave souls may try these shoes with a quality suit, as their clean lines and unscuffed surface will keep you looking professional, but they're best shown off when you look like you just pulled them on as you went out the doo. They come in red, white, brown, blue, and black and ring in at L$450 apiece (L$2000 for a fat pack of all five colors). Go grab 'em here: Sculpted Sneakers at Redgrave Men's Fashion

Other stuff:
Long Tar Jacket from Form
Brown short-sleeved shirt and khaki cargo pants from Redgrave
Glasses from Shibooi
Hair from Petrelli
Compass Bag from Shiny Things

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Anessa Stine said...

Great post Joel! and I know the female version of these great casuals is just as fantastic. :)