Sunday, December 23, 2007

Bax Boot-a-Rama

Shopping with Joel and wearing Bax Coen's Boots in Chocolate Suede

So I drug Joel out to look at some boots from Bax Coen Designs the other night, I'm not sure how much fun he had, but he did help me get these pretties on my feet properly. I actually had been in a show for Serijane Loon a few weeks back and was fortunate enough to receive copies of some of the Bax Coen Designs.

These boots come in a number of textures and in 3 styles; overknee, calf-length, and under long pants. They also have sound that you can turn off if you'd like and a walking ao. I personally love how you can color change the metal parts on all of the boots from gold to silver and Bax even throws in a matching purse with each set! This is definitely a shoe store to keep your eye on!

Shown above: Bax Boots in Sand, Red Cat, Snakeskin, and Black Lizard.

In world Location for Bax Coen Boots

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