Thursday, December 13, 2007

But Wait There is More!

I know I know...who blogs on the same thing twice? Within the same week no less? But I couldn't help it, Fallingwater Cellardoor of Shiny Things was so generous and surprised me by sending 2 sets of her newest Ribbon Boots my way....a new variation that she herself says that she likes better. The Chunky Ribbon Boots are everything the regulars are, but with a lil more soul...I mean sole! :)

Literally you can see from the pictures one of the main differences is the thickness of the sole, which I personally love. Another change is there are no ribbons wrapping around the ankle, for a cleaner look. Fallingwater describes the changes on her blog:

"I also changed the grommets, enlarged the bow loops, improved the joint between foot and calf, and made subtle texture improvements. You can see (or maybe you can’t) here how ambient occlusion (the slight shadowing) around the grommets gives the calf more depth"

I also read that she will be making subtle improvements to the current Ribbon Boots and be sending updated versions to all who have purchased so far!

These boots work with the same color huds as the original ribbon boots and come in blue, black, white and pink. Once again boots will run you $L500, huds are $L100 each (for 15 extra lace colors) and demos are available! It should be noted that the huds allow right and left ribbon control so that you can mix and match your ribbons in whatever way you see fit!

Shiny Things Blog


Annyka Bekkers said...

When I first saw the ribbon boots review, I thought "nice, but a little top heavy," and I was actually going to pass on them. But these chunkies are perfection! I bought 2 pairs!

Anessa Stine said...

Ooh they got better? I want. :)