Monday, December 10, 2007

The Faithful Loafer

The introduction of "sculpties" into Second Life has made the shoe-lover's life a lot more joyous, as the natural curves and precise shapes make footwear look more realistic than ever. That being the case, there are still some shoes from the dark ages ("pre-sculptie", in other words) that will never leave my inventory. One of those is Shiny Things' City Walk loafer.

Shiny Things is a perennial, enduring stop on a shoe-lover's tour of Second Life... and for good reason; their range of shoes and the quality thereof is right in the sweet spot of a lot of buyers' sensibilities. Neither too boring (which, granted, is a rare descriptor in the Second Life shoe world) nor too trashy/fetishy/slutty (which, conversely, is very common)... Shiny Things continues to offer great products for high-but-still-reasonable prices. Their men's section is modest, with one wall standing out among acres of women's footwear... but what they offer is consistently high-quality.

Loafer are interesting because, despite the name, they're actually rather formal and are second only to tuxedo shoes in terms of pomp and circumstance. It's not that you can't wear them with jeans or khakis, but you're likely to end up looking like That Uptight Guy (you know... the type who iron their Levis? That guy). Instead, get a good suit and wear your City Walks with it, creating a professional but not too formal image which is appropriate to business events where you are performing in some official capacity.

What makes the City Walk loafer such a good choice is its simple contours and lines; spare on accents and doo-dads (save for a little ornamentation on the strap), it shows how a good shoe is about the shape first and foremost. The curves of the vamp and the welt are classic and elegant and, as I think the photos will illustrate, create the perfect accent for a well-cut suit. Renowned shoe-designer Fallingwater Cellardoor also includes large, medium, and small sizes with every purchase, along with a pair of black socks... which gives you the flexibility to get the perfect match --not just the "close enough" match-- for your height and size.

My only real issue with the City Walk shoe is that it doesn't come in a wide-enough range of colors. "Take No Risks Black" and "Play It Safe Brown" are good staples, but I would have liked to see a tan, a burgundy, and maybe even a "Herb Tarlek White". Never the less, this is a very solid addition to your "big boy" wardrobe and the L$300 price tag is worth the investment. I've had mine for almost a year now. City Walk Loafers at Shiny Things.

Other stuff:
Suit and Tie from Armidi
Glasses from Prim-optics
Hair from Petrelli

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Anonymous said...

Hey Joel,
Great write up on my SL partners favorite shoes, the city walkers.
I'm constantly shoe shopping and keeping my eyes out for good shoes for him, but no matter how hard I try to stuff his inventory with shoes, he always wears these.
Great job! Keep up the good work!