Monday, June 2, 2008

Cherry Picking

Just a quickie, but surely a cutie for a Monday morning! I popped into DETOUR this morning on a whim and saw these neat Mixflip Sneakers, since my inventory has been a bit sneaker rich of late, I opted to grab only one pair... and for me it had to be the cherry plaid. There are 5 looks available as single pairs, or a texture change set that includes a 6th look. Really great realism on these puppies!

If you are a sneaker fan these are well worth a look at DETOUR.

Also wearing; Minnu Skin, /artilleri/ Hair, Top (from Jen set) and Bracelets, Gouchos by Crush Factory, Black Bangles from Caroline's. Second image is a direct snapshot of in-store vendor created by Detour Sideways.

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Anonymous said...

Yaaay! Thanks for the tip! They're fab!