Monday, June 9, 2008

Sasche Flats

Every new release from Armidi creates a stampede over to the store. Shoppers show up in droves and fight the lag with enthusiasm (ok maybe not really enthusiasm, but they tough it out none the less). So I, like so many others...ran over and had to get my hands on the new goodies. These Sasche flats are adorable, and great quality. Available in many colors, I picked up the pearl. These are another shoe that would be great dressed up and dressed down (as shown here). If you haven't picked them up, run on over. I bet the lag isn't as bad now (I'm an optimist). There are demos available. Visit Armidi InWorld!

Other Stuff: Skin by Abyss, Hair by ETD, Top by Vette's Boutique, and shorts by Armidi.

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