Friday, May 20, 2011

All That Glitters at Mz. Shoes

Bling may be out of style in Second Life, but Mz. Shoes wants you to embrace that love of sparkle once again, with an all new type of glimmering effect in its collection at the 2011 Shoe Fair. From boots to stiletto sandals, the color change footwear from MaraClara Mayo incorporates uniquely textured shoes, with a subtle glitter animated surfaces.

I chose to feature the Mz. Sequin style shoe, a basic zip up stiletto sandal with easy to edit color parts, like the skin tone, toenails, shoe and heel. A shoe of this type can really tie your outfit together by allowing a custom match to your look. Want to see more? Check out Mz. Shoes at the Shoe Fair, it can be found on the Iridium Sim.

The details:
Shoe Designer: MaraClara Mayo Shoes: Mz. Shoes, Mz. Sequin (Color Change).

Skin: PXL Gaia, SK SE DEB C2 FR
Skin Tattoo(s): PXL Gaia, SK Hair(base).
Eyes: MADesigns, PROMISE Eyes - Brown Pale 6
Hair: Mirai Style, Ofif, Darkbrown.

Outfit: Mimikri, Felice, Drama.
Accessories/Other: Paper Couture, Oxidized Silver Hoops.

Poses: LAP (Long Awkward Pose).

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