Friday, May 27, 2011

Last Kick at The Can

Shoe Fair 2011 is almost gone, but before it fades gracefully into history there is still time for a little more shoe-ness. It would be sad indeed if you didn't make your way over to visit the booth of Robin Sojourner and Kick the Can. These newly released Saddle Shoes are pretty much the bees knees, and they are perfect dancing shoes to grab before the weekend.

Socks on or off, it doesn't matter, just grab a pair (or 5) of these retro delights. They come in a few great color variations, but it was traditional black and white for me, the classic rosy tan soles are a great touch. 'Sock Hop' on over to the Iridium Sim at the Shoe Fair before it closes, and check out the latest from Kick the Can!
Shoe Designer: Robin Sojourner Shoes: Kick The Can, R(S)W Saddle Shoes, Black.

Skin: PXL Gaia, Sunkissed NE MEB C2 FR
Skin Tattoo(s): PXL Gaia, SK Cherry Lips
Eyes: MADesigns Promise Eyes - Brown Pale 6
Hair: W&Y, Model Hair 16, 'Type' A.

Outfit: DCNY High Tide Pants, White. DCNY, Open Close Vest, Black. DCNY, Basic Tank, White. DCNY, The Tie, Black.
Accessories/Other: MIEL Troupe Watch, Bright.

Poses: Everglow.

p.s. As is often the case with frequent travel, a few great pairs of shoes were lost with some luggage... I will be sure to share them as soon as I can, with links to the original store locations. Thanks for reading!

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