Saturday, May 14, 2011

Prepare for Takeoff...

...and then put on a new pair of shoes, and then take off that pair and put on another. You get the idea?

Attention Shoe Lovers, this is Anessa your in-flight hostess speaking, a few notes before takeoff today. Please ensure that all lag causing scripts and excess prims have been removed before takeoff, all bulky sculpted items should be stowed in your overhead compartments, over-sized prims must be checked baggage. At this time I can inform you that the inflight movie will be The Devil Wears Prada, and we will be serving alcohol once the pilot turns off the seatbelt sign. In the meantime please ensure that you are buckled into your assigned seats and be prepared for teleportation delays due to high avatar numbers on the Shoe Fair sims. I thank you for flying Shoetopia Airlines, enjoy your shopping!

I am so pleased to be a blogger once again for the 2011 Shoe Fair. Over the next few days I plan to wisk you away around the Fair in search of great new shoes, hidden treasures, and enough stamps to fill up those empty passports! For our first journey we will be visiting the Republic of Betty Doyle, otherwise known as INGENUE. Ingenue has two beautiful new styles released at this years Shoe Fair, one of which is Tallula. The Tallula Heels are a pretty and practical pump, effortless and easy to wear in a gorgeous variety of well chosen shades. If you are familiar with INGENUE's previous footwear releases and clothing you can be assured of beautiful quality and smart style.

I urge you to include INGENUE on your destination list at the Fair this year, it can be found on the Iridium Sim. The weather is beautiful, and the shoes are even better!

The Stuff:

Shoe Designer: Betty Doyle
Shoes: INGENUE, Tallula Heels, Merlot.

Skin: PXL Gaia, SmokeEyes Sunkissed DEB
Skin Tattoo(s): PXL Gaia, Cherry Lips.
Eyes: MADesigns Promise Eyes - brown pale 6
Hair: W & Y, Hair New 140 (Includes Hat)

Outfit: Milady's Fancy (MF), Moneypenny Wool Suit Cherry.
Accessories/Other: Battered Boudoir, Fair Hose, Tan. & TV Sculpted Gold Small Knot Scarf (Marketrplace).
For Details about Airport Props & Decor please contact me.


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