Friday, May 27, 2011

Precious Metals

Of the hundreds of shoes in my inventory I would estimate 5% or less are flats. I like flats, in real life I wear them all the time, but in SL I have always been more attracted to styles that I couldn't walk around in for more than 20 minutes if they were real. When some special flats find their way into my hands, I am quick to fall in love with the casual playfulness or sweet details.
The Geological Flats from Ladies Who Lunch by Faint Paulse, have a bit of sparkle, a delicate ruffle and an overall metallic shine that makes them a great find at Shoe Fair 2011. Though the texture is that of leafed fine metals, it is also reminiscent of satin which gives them a more romantic and upscale feeling. With the customization HUD you can select a metal tone for the ruffles and seams, and even select gemstones to create a perfect look for you.

Shoe Fair 2011 is almost at its end, be sure and visit Ladies Who Lunch on the Iridium Sim for a look at some flats that might just be your new favorites.
Shoe Designer: Faint Paulse
Shoes: Ladies Who Lunch (LWL), Geological Flats, Aluminium.

Skin: PXL Gaia, Sunkissed, SE DEB C3FR.
Skin Tattoo(s): PXL Gaia, Hairbase Tattoo.
Eyes: MADesigns Promise Eyes - Blue Pale 8
Hair: 69, BELL 01, Dark Chestnut.

Outfit: L'Abel, Tinder White Cardigan & L'Abel, Farmer Girl, Peach. **Release 5/28/2011
Accessories/Other: U & R Dogs, Sweet Wrapping Bracelet.

Poses: Everglow