Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Beary Cute Sneaks

Ran into these Poo Bear CHUX the other night while shopping and just couldn't resist sharing them with you all. High-tops are all over the grid right now, and the amazing ones by Coke Dreadlow's UBU have garnered some well deserved attention. These likewise, created by Severely Ltd. under the names Juwan Lane and Maruko Sakigake, use sculpties made by Coke. The ones I am showing off come complete with an adorable Teddy Bear lashed to the side of the right shoe and a cute hand scribbled flower on the left one, they are scripted for size change too. There are 4 women's styles available in the JuJu's Closet shop at 'The Cube', and one that I presume to be unisex available in WMD (Weird Monkey Designs) just across the way. I have included the in-store displays so you can get an idea of these other looks.

Look for these cuties at JuJu's Closet!

***UPDATE! I was informed after this post that 3 additional content creators have added to the CHUX Collection, more man friendly looks and an great music themed sneak too. You can find all of them here! Thanks Juwan. :-))

Also wearing; PXL Skin, Laqroki Hair, Tanks by Artilleri (white) and Cami Cooper (blue), Denim Capris by Untone Quilt, Necklace by Artilleri.

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