Saturday, May 10, 2008


Greek mythology tells us that Athena was the goddess of wisdom, war, the arts, industry, justice and skill. It is a fitting name then for the latest creation of Tesla Miles, a creator who continues to excel at making products of high quality, ingenuity and in my opinion some of the most unique footwear around. She is also fiercely committed to fighting against content theft/copybot use and I certainly think Tesla is a talented little shoemaker. I just had no idea she had something this darn sexy up her sleeve.

The Athena combines all the stunning quality of her previously released Ziggy Boots, which were a great success and one of the treasures of my footwear wardrobe, with stiletto height and open toes. They are really well textured with a lighter looking fabric and happily for the non stick-legged amongst us they come equipped with scripted resizable parts. I love the 5 available color combos, something for everyone - and quite possible a need to have them all!

Visit Tesla soon and get the Athena open toed stiletto ankle boot!

Also wearing; Minnu Skin, Abyss Hair, Thimbles Dress, Japancakes Petal Scarf, TaP (Fleur) Gloves, Calla Pearl Wrap Bracelet & FBG (Fresh Baked Goods) Bangle, Earrings by Second Mirage.

All poses by KoumB.


Tesla Miles said...

Thanks so much for the review Anessa :) The photos look great as always :)

Anonymous said...

awesome; balenciaga shoes!