Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Shall We Dance?

Not my typical afternoon when I received a surprise folder from Spirit owner SavannahAnn McMillan. It's content... Ballet Boots, this I have to see. I do have some recollection of the Spirit name, likely I was looking for the wardrobe essential cheerleader costume at the time, but boots? OK - so here they are and I get the name, they are pretty and bow wrapped and yeah, a bit ballet like... but also really fun for a casual look. There is also a cute dangly little Spirit charm on the heel. What can I say, I am a sucker for girly stuff, sometimes.

I also noted the cute ballet slippers that come with the Spring Ballet Class Set and the Corset/Tutu Set, so naturally I had to show them off too... yup super cute. So here I am doing my best Ballerina impression... please excuse the fact that I have little to no natural talent... I blame it on the fact that at 3 years of age my ballet career was stolen from me when my dance teacher ran off with someone else's husband after 2 lessons, no lie.

I believe I have now fully achieved my dancer potential. If you crave the same vicarious fun, or want to grab your self some boots that are sure to make you feel feminine, visit Spirit.

Also wearing; Minnu Skin, Maitreya Hair (Loose Bun with amazing NEW textures... so great!), Jeans and Embellishments by G.L.A.M., Green Shimmer Tank by Camie Cooper, Shrug from Spirit Ballet Class Set, Diamonde Earrings, Necklace by Miam Miam.

All poses by KoumB.

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